AI Incubator Team

AI Incubator Team
AI Incubator Team


Business Development - NVIDIA Ecosystem, Siemens

Industrial AI solution architect and engineer. German’s background is in automotive manufacturing, manufacturing automation, supply chain management, AI. For the past 2 years he worked at Data Monsters as Solutions Architect focusing on NVIDIA Metropolis / DeepStream / TAO/ TensorRT / Triton, NVIDIA Omniverse, edge AI deployment and orchestration: NVIDIA FleetCommand.

AI Incubator Team


Director Product Management & Marketing Siemens Factory Automation

Raithel has an engineering degree (Dipl-Ing(FH)) from the TU Nürnberg (Germany) and has 27 years of experience in automation in various roles in R&D, Engineering, Product Management, and Marketing. Before moving to the USA, he has been with Siemens for more than 17 years, defining the next-generation automation systems and expanding Siemens’ Industrial PC portfolio to the IoT space. In the US, he focuses on integrating new technologies such as Edge and AI in Siemens Automation portfolio.

Thorsten Julich AI Incubator Team


Sr. Business Development Manager at Siemens | AI & Edge Computing

With over 20 years of experience in the automation industry, Thorsten Julich is a seasoned and passionate Sr. Business Development Manager at Siemens, where he lead the AI & Edge Computing, IPC and SCADA / HMI Software business in the US. His main focus is on large OEMs and end-users in discrete automation markets, such as automotive, oil and gas, renewable energy, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals, as well as emerging industries.


CEO & Founder, TCL

Ramon has an engineering degree and 32+ years of experience in engineering, sales, marketing and supply chain management. Ramon started his career at Hewlett-Packard and held several executive positions at British Telecom, Sony Corporation, SoftBank Group and Accenture. Ever since he wrote his first line of code at the age of 11, Ramon has been fascinated by technology and its uses in support of corporate and societal goals.

AI Incubator Team


Advisor at AI Incubator

Caleb Eastman is a dynamic force, combining a background in business bootstrapping and a proven track record as the former Head of Product for a Silicon Valley venture-backed startup. With a strong presence in both Fortune 500 corporations and innovative startups throughout North America, Caleb is a trusted advisor. A systems engineer at heart and a prolific inventor, Caleb’s driving passion is exploring how cutting-edge technologies can synergize to bring meaningful change to our world. His High-Context Product Management™ framework accelerates product launches and shapes the future of innovation.


Advisor at AI Incubator

Adam Spunberg has worked for 15 years now in various roles centered around technology, from start-ups to major sports leagues, agencies, and most recently a Fortune 100-level CPG company (Anheuser-Busch InBev). He has led award-winning tech programs and pioneered AI and digital innovations across multiple regions and platforms. Most recently, he led generative AI efforts within AB InBev’s Supply Chain and delivered a portfolio of multiple rollouts and millions of dollars in KPI benefits.

G Brooks-Zak,

Advisor at AI Incubator

G Brooks-Zak is the technical lead and co-founder of Outlier Automation. Outlier is a California-based control system integrator focusing on advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0. G is passionate about using new technology, like AI, to help manufacturers achieve higher efficiency, capabilities and profitability through automation. G is also an expert in traditional control system / industrial automation technologies like PLCs, HMI, SCADA, and motion control in various platforms such as Siemens and Rockwell Automation.


Technical Product Manager

Transitioning from a developer to a product manager, Eugene excels in transforming ideas into high-quality, market-ready solutions.With extensive experience in leading high-load e-commerce product development, Eugene has navigated the complexities of stringent requirements such as availability, scalability, and resilience. Over the past two years, he has actively contributed to the creation of AI-based solutions, deepening his understanding of their transformative potential in addressing complex business challenges.Proficient in Python and PHP programming, Eugene is skilled in relational database administration and technical architecture. His leadership journey includes managing diverse teams, fostering collaboration, and achieving optimal outcomes.

Ruben Lee AI Incubator Team


Global Dir of Sales at Sycomp

Ruben Lee brings a wealth of experience in high-performance computing and Artificial Intelligence, spanning over 18 years in the technology industry. His expertise lies in electronic design automation, embedded software, encryption, security, authentication, and architecting solutions. Ruben’s technical acumen allows him to effectively communicate complex concepts to both C-level executives and engineering teams, making him an invaluable asset in navigating the intricate landscape of semiconductor, mobile, IOT, OEM, and ISV spaces.

John Zawistowski AI Incubator Team


Global Systems Solutions Executive at Sycomp

John Zawistowski is a seasoned Global Systems Solutions Executive at Sycomp, with expertise in IT infrastructure and cloud technology for HPC workloads. With a focus on designing forward-thinking strategies, John excels in leveraging the cloud to enhance IT capabilities, driving innovation and unlocking new revenue streams for clients. John is a thought leader in storage and hybrid cloud at scale space.

Ekaterina Evchenko AI Incubator Team

Ekaterina Evchenko

VC Investor at BGV, Stanford MBA, 

Former McKinsey consultant, most recently in the San Francisco office responsible for commercial due diligence of software and consumer companies. Prior to McKinsey worked at a telecom company Nokia in Belgium responsible for commercial data analytics and management insights. Started career in a IT consulting company TCS in India.

Dotan AI Incubator Team


AI ethics advisor, researcher, speaker, 
and content creator

Ravit Dotan, PhD is an AI ethics advisor, researcher, speaker, and content creator. Her specialty is helping tech companies, investors, and procurement professionals develop responsible AI approaches. Ravit’s recognition includes a PhD in philosophy from UC Berkeley, being named one of the “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics” by Women in AI Ethics, being a finalist for the “Responsible AI Leader of the Year” Award by Women in AI, and frequent interviews in publications such as the New York Times, The Financial Times, CNBC, and TechCrunch.

Amaka Ibeji at AI Incubator Team


Privacy Engineer at Cruise

Amaka is a digital trust leader specializing in enabling the utilization of sensitive data while prioritizing privacy and responsible practices. With a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in IT Management and Organizational Change, she boasts 15 years of professional experience, with over 12 dedicated to the field of Privacy. Her extensive certifications include IAPP CIPP/E, CIPM; CISSP, CISA, CISM, as well as CITI human research protections, Data science & AI for Healthcare. Amaka brings a wealth of rich and diverse perspectives to ensure the implementation of responsible AI governance practices.

Christopher Brock AI Incubator Team


Founder of Cloud Brokerage platform - Primary.Hosting

Chris, the visionary behind Primary Hosting, has established over 400 partnerships in various tech domains, including telecom and AI. He excels in integrating technologies like ChatGPT and Anthropic with open-source AIs to enhance business operations. With a decade of experience, Chris has developed SAAS platforms, mobile apps, APIs, and software in collaboration with global brands. His expertise includes strategic planning, performance marketing, big data, server orchestration, and project management, focusing on combining advanced systems with user-friendly designs. He also founded “ChatGPT for Business and Life,” one of the world’s largest AI social communities on Facebook.

Jamison DeAngelis AI Incubator Team

Jamison DeAngelis

Chief Operations Officer of Cloud Brokerage platform - Primary.Hosting

Jamison is a respected leader with a diverse career in law, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. He graduated from Xavier University and Duquesne University School of Law, initially focusing on labor relations and workers’ compensation. His interest in patient rights and palliative care led to publications and a transition into the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Jamison has led international healthcare ventures, specializing in clinical sales, healthcare system management, and digital/telehealth innovation. He now serves as a partner and Chief Strategist at Primary Hosting, a Cincinnati-based firm in cloud brokerage and AI technology. He is also pursuing an advanced degree in AI and Business Strategies at the Wharton School of Business, focusing on healthcare and finance.

Dan Freve AI Incubator Team


Vice President 
at DMC Engineering

As a VP at DMC, Dan brings extensive business and technical experience across all of DMC’s service areas, including sitting on DMC’s application development leadership team. Serving as a company wide business and technical leader, Dan founded DMC’s Seattle and Boston offices and oversees some of DMC’s most intricate accounts. His comprehensive understanding of the field makes him a key figure in steering advanced AI solutions for industrial applications.

Nikhil Holay AI Incubator Team


Senior Manager
at DMC Engineering

With nine years of expertise in the industrial automation sector, Nikhil founded and currently oversees DMC’s San Diego office. He spearheads business development, partner management, sales, recruitment, and team expansion efforts in the Southwest United States. Nikhil’s earlier positions within the company included complex technical responsibilities such as system/application design, architecture development, software programming, and onsite deployments. Nikhil’s dynamic leadership and extensive skill set position him as an asset in driving AI partnerships and fostering growth within the industrial automation field.

Vinay Singh AI Incubator Team


Product Management and Business Development Advisor at AI Incubator, Ex AMD, Xilinx

Vinay is a highly experienced tech executive with over 20 years in product marketing and business development, notably at Xilinx (now part of AMD). His expertise includes growing data center businesses, innovating software tools, and forming strategic partnerships in the industry. As a board advisor, he has significantly contributed to business growth, establishing best practices, and driving global expansion. Vinay is recognized for his leadership in FPGA technology and software programmability, adept in project management and leveraging partnerships for global market reach. A forward-thinking and solutions-oriented leader, he excels in guiding strategic teams towards sales growth and customer engagement.

Muklesur Bharuya AI Incubator Team

Muklesur Bharuya (Esq.)

Attorney-at-law & Advisor at AI Incubator

Muklesur Bharuya is a dual-qualified Attorney-at-law and Barrister in both England, Wales, and France, specializing in AI and fintech law with Westminster & Partners in London. He leverages his expertise as part of the Risk & Fintech Committee at the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (previously part of the London Stock Exchange) and has authored “Breaking Barriers: Navigating Fintech Regulations and Smart Contracts” in 2022, a testament to his deep understanding of the field. Muklesur is also a guest-lecturer on legal innovation and AI at City, University of London. Muklesur’s career embodies the intersection of law, technology, and support for innovation.

AI Incubator Team


Head of AI Incubator

Dan has been delivering data science projects for 20+ years. Managed 46 AI projects for large companies, including GE, Intel, AB InBev, and Boston Scientific. Author of the course "AI for managers" on Coursera. Starting October 2023 Dan is the Head of AI Incubator - an international initiative, aimed at assisting businesses in developing AI-powered solutions for their daily challenges.

AI Incubator Team


Chief Marketing Officer at AI Incubator

Victoria is an accomplished marketing strategist with a wealth of experience in the tech industry, specializing in product marketing, SaaS, B2B marketing, and data analytics. Her journey with the AI Incubator began as she set out to craft and orchestrate the incubator’s marketing strategy. Victoria is passionate about ensuring consistent communication across the board, whether it’s with the press, on social media, or through strategic partnerships. Her dedication to driving innovation and fostering meaningful connections is instrumental in the success of AI Incubator.

AI Incubator Team


Marketing Specialist at AI Incubator

Marina, a seasoned Marketing Specialist at AI Incubator, boasts over 5 years of experience in promoting AI and technology. Starting as a developer, she discovered her knack for integrating sales and marketing strategies effectively. Marina's expertise lies in understanding the intricate domain, making her a valuable team member. Her focus on expanding the client base and publishing influential articles amplifies AI Incubator's presence in the industry. Marina plays a crucial role in coordinating and communicating efficiently to align the team with the company's objectives.

AI Incubator Team


Web Designer / UI UX at AI Incubator

Airat Gazizov, a versatile Web Designer and UI/UX specialist at AI Incubator, seamlessly combines design and development to transform creative visions into user-friendly solutions. He collaborates with agencies and like-minded individuals, prioritizing beautiful design and exceptional user experiences. His expertise pushes the boundaries of web design to create lasting innovative solutions.


B2B Fractional CMO
Brand and content strategy

With experience in startups, back office SaaS, and B2B marketing, Derek is someone who thinks like a CMO, works magic like an agency, and charges with enthusiasm to build and sustain marketing organizations. Derek joined AI Incubator team to help building the marketing infrastructure and project/program operations.


Head of Communications at Lana Communications

With over a decade of experience in tech journalism and marketing communications consultancy, she has assisted numerous startups, primarily those with AI-based products, in articulating their unique value propositions and securing coverage in Tier-1 media outlets. As a member of Women in Robotics, her tech industry expertise, media relations and content creation is a valuable asset to the AI Incubator team.

AI Incubator Team

Malkov, PhD

CEO & Founder Data Monsters

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consultant and the CEO of Data Monsters since 2008. Deep understanding of complex systems, business analysis, applied research, nonlinear dynamics, statistical distributions, and ML/AI applications to retail, manufacturing, healthcare, advertising, document processing, conversational and recommender systems.

AI Incubator Team


Head of Project Office at Data Monsters

Maxim is a seasoned professional with diverse experiences. His career began in 2007 as a Software Developer, and he quickly transitioned to roles like Scrum Master. Over the years, he has managed projects, served as a Research and Development Manager, and led teams in design and development.In 2019, Maxim brought his expertise to the Institute of Physics and Technology, focusing on AI solutions. He holds a Master’s Degree in the Science of Complexity and various certifications, including a Certified Scrum Master. With a rich background in project management and AI technologies, Maxim is a valuable asset to any team.

AI Incubator Team


Chief Technology Officer at Data Monsters

His expertise lies in the area of data science. Presently, he serves as the CTO for both Data Monsters, an AI company, and TopHap, a platform dedicated to real estate analytics, mapping, and data visualization. Before these roles, Dennis worked as the CTO of DGLogik, leading up to its acquisition by Acuity Brands in 2016. There, he developed practical tools for IoT data integration and visualization. Proficient in transforming concepts into viable, highly marketable products and addressing critical business problems. Drove success of numerous products through the full lifecycle.

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